design/ 2015-16
production/ 2016

client/ institut ramon llull


design/ vora arquitectura (pere buil and toni riba)
team/ barrington lambert, charles dujardin
production/ buit taller

photographs/ adrià goula

the table answers the aim of generating a meeting space around it. the table measures 360x120x72cm.

it is a suspended wooden table, both expressive and abstract.

it is supported by two cross-shaped legs, which are slightly separate from the edge and corners of the table.

its shape and material express its essential structure.

the joints and the two different types of wood variations are visible between the panels and structural sections.

the table can be taken apart and is made of one sole material, pine and maple wood, with subtle changes in texture and colour and free of metal fasteners.

simple construction: wood laces without metal joints. the table is demountable in its defining elements (board and legs), joined by threaded pins.

the taulacreu (“crosstable”) is an adaptation for the catalan pavilion at the biennale di architettura di venezia 2016 from an original design made previously. the role of the table in the pavilion was to generate an exhibitor at the entrance. afterwards, it was reudes as a meeting table in the headquarters of the ramon llull institute.