address/ passeig de la independència. tarragona
implementation area/ 64.200 m2

client/ tarragona municipality

competition/ 2018

authors/ vora (pere buil, toni riba), t9s arquitectes (oriol cusidó, irene marzo), marc manzano, jordi portal
team/ núria ribas (coord.), maria bianchi, pol bosch, mohamed el-jaanin, álex etxeberría, quim olea, carlos

heritage/ jordi portal
management and viability/ stoa
sustainability/ dekra
library project consultant/ ignasi bonet

renders/ vimworks

competition. alter forum. 1st prize

by establishing a physical and metaphorical link with the roman forum, the new tabacalera will become a new cultural hub in the city, opening it also to the francolí river.

reversing its back orientation towards the city, preserving the site identity, of great interest, activating the square as a multi-purpose center, and opening it to the city from the first moment, with an ambitious schedule of actions, they are the main goals of the alterforum proposal.