project/ 2009-10
prototypes/ 2009-10
production and sales/ des de 2010

project/ vora (pere buil i toni riba) + graeme mcquaker
project team/ eva cotman, ondrej fabian, rui santos
photographs/ adrià goula (finals), vora (prototypes)
photomontage/ blackbox

production and sales/ MUD (Metropolitan Urban Design)


nowadays we don’t find many examples of this combination with a design quality: usually just rustic types thought for barbecue areas instead for urban spaces.
simplicity is a fundamental characteristic of identity of this set.
la simplicidad es un rasgo de identidad fundamental de esta serie.
it’s design synthesizes in an essential way its use and structure and takes form in the t shape used for the profile of bench and table. the set is formed by two structural, lateral plates made of stainless steel which hold and support the central part formed by strips of flanders pine wood.
the bench could also be placed separately. it’s produced in a range of different widths. the principle elements could be combined with other components as: support for lighting, jardinière, wastepaper basket, pole, buoy.


dimensions: 60/120/180 x 51 x 80 cm (bench), 160/220 x 51 x 80 cm (table)
material: flanders pinewood, stainless steel AISI 316
color: natural
finishing: pressure treated (FSC)
placement: anchored with screws
weight: 200-250kg (bench)

(download commercial brochure)


urban public spaces and its furniture respond to the social interaction which is produced in themselves in a more or less direct way, active or passive. the T set is formed by bench + table and it responds to this necessity.