fletxa fletxa

design/ 2018
exhibition/ 2018

client/ kolektiv galerija

curator/ jelena prokopljevic
design/ vora (pere buil i toni riba)
team/ janna paracolls, brenda roqueta

photos/ relja ivanic

the content of the exhibition is divided into 3 topics that are repeated in our architectural processes. 3 tools to define the identity of spaces, whether they are domestic or urban: type, matter and memory.
the exhibition layout creates an inner space within the interior of the gallery, generating tension and new situations between the two. this new interior is fractionated in linked spaces, a spatial concept that is essential to the typological research of vora.
those 3 topics are explained in 3 "boxes". each topic, 8 works or projects synthesized into a picture and a drawing; and a complete work deeply explained: a text, a graphic board (drawings), photographs and a conceptual model.
the three "boxes" define a circular tour through the gallery, displaying contents inside and also on the outside.

looking through our recent production made us realize that independently of the projects’ scale, we always focus on shared spaces. from vestibules and corridors to streets and squares. common spaces in all scales, but mainly urban scale, are those in which we all recognize ourselves. we are interested in dealing with their identity, which is also our own. on the one hand, by generating the sensation of proximity and embracing, or through tactile values of materiality. and on the other hand, by working with the memories of each location and building new narratives starting from the recognition of stories accumulated in pre-existing constructions or, on occasions, through the recovery from oblivion.

the exhibition is temporary, itinerant, with a very limited budget and built with our own hands. we designed a removable assembly system, quick to implement, lightweight and easy to transport.
pine wood slats with assemble joints, fixed by butterfly screws, and wooden boards as a bracing and stiffening of the "boxes", screwed to the slats with lag screws. boards incorporate the exhibition content. the slat system also creates tables that are deployed from "boxes" to support models and publications.

the system allows multiple configurations and different spatial articulations, to be placed in a different way each time the exhibition is assembled in a different place. the tables can be deployed in different positions and the boards can also be screwed in different positions to those of the first assembly in belgrade.

temporary exhibition about the architectural production of vora from a conceptual approach around the idea of "shared identities".