adress/ calle mosto, almería
surface area/ 1.600 m2

competition/ 2004

architects/ vora (pere buil and toni riba) + joan vitòria
project team/ sónia bom, arnau boronat, rubén heras
client/ epsa (junta de andalucía)

images/ vora arquitectura

the araceli district is a consolidated residential area which, even if far from the historical center of almeria, has been slowly incorporated by the city growth. located on a small hill, its urban fabric is characterized by the street alignment of typical one or two-stories detached houses and high density.
towards east is taking place a confused transformation of a huge area, where old workshops and stores are being replaced by new streets and real estate developments.
the competition site is located between the araceli district and this area of urban development.
the aim was to complete the araceli district, integrating the building in its neighbourhood context according to its typological characteristics. hence the idea of a low-rising building, slope adapted and covering the whole plot, closed to the exterior and opened, through patios, to the interior.
looking to the regional building tradition, the aim has been to obtain a finished and compact image, keeping the single character of each house.
to arrange the houses following the slope gave the possibility to provide all of them with a big terrace.
accesses are located on the lower front and the circulation is developed through a plot made of closed and open spaces, interior and exterior.
on the southern side, the most narrow and triangle-shaped, has been placed a compact three-stories building which marks the angle and the small public space nearby.
the houses are arranged around a private patio, which gives light to the interior. the patio is thought to be an intimate exterior space, which, in certain situations, can be completely integrated to the interior.
the internal organization gives the opportunity to make some changes according to inhabitants needs.

competition for social housing in almeria