adress/ montcabrer neighbourhood, cabrils

surface area/ 90 m2

project/ 2009 – 2010
construction/ not built

architect/ vora (pere buil, toni riba)
project team/ arnau boronat, eva cotman, ondrej fabian, anna malaguti, ana silva
structure/ eskubi-turró arquitectes
budget control/ gerard codina
client/ private

photographs (model)/ vora


this project aims to refurbish and enlarge of the existing dwelling house.

the refurbishment is formally contained and in keeping with the existing, above all the exterior. the building retains its formal language. only one idea is introduced, the abstract representation of nature through the use of color. so, the interior walls are painted in colors taken from nature is viewed from the house-from the mountains to the sea through the trees of the garden.

the extension takes the form of a pavilion annex, at ground floor + garden level, connected to the existing building by a glass corridor, located in the southeast corner of the main building under the pines. the small pavilion has a floor area of 60m2 and houses a large kitchen, with space for a children. the annex slides vinder the corner of the existing roof and "folds" towards the west forming a concave composition with the existing house.


the pavilion is annexed formally distinct from the existing building. it is a double prismatic volume, composed of two prisms of two different heights: one a story high and the other double height. it has been conceived as an object that respect the garden and the wonderful views from the site, so it is positioned to avoid obstructing existing views from the existing house and to search from new ones trough own interior/exterior relationships.
the pavilion looks for fusion with the garden through camouflage by way of a strategy of disappearance through reflection. it will be clad with polished strain class steel and reflective glass. in this way the garden will be reflected on the surface of the walls.
from the outside they are framed in unpolished stain glass steel distinguishing them in a subtle which it is inserted.
this game is brought inside through the placement of mirrors at an angle with the large opening, the reflections are extended into the interior, allowing the display of views in opposite directions. the sea and mountains at the same time. the house extension sits at the top of the site, at ground floor level in the south east of the garden.

dani and laia’s house extension in cabrils