production and sales/  escofet

project/ 2009-10
prototypes/ 2009-10
production and sales/ since 2015


design/ vora (pere buil, toni riba).
project team/ eva cotman, ondrej fabian, rui santos

photographs/ adrià goula (final), vora (prototypes)
photomontage/ blackbox


this urban furniture set is formed by modular elements which permit flexibility in use. the combination of the different components allows different solutions and adapts it to different situations and spaces.

the inclusion of lighting under the seat prolongs its use in the night time.

dimensions: ø390cm (5 modules 200x45xh45cm)
material: concrete
color: natural grey
finishing: acid-etched and waterproofed
placement: free standing, regulable supports
weight: 400kg
light: LED light line embedded under the seat

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more than a bench it is about a meting point, a gathering space made of modular components. the basic, circular configuration, closed in on itself invites to get together and to a prolonged stay. it permits the use of both interior and exterior side.