adress/ carrer sant oleguer 10, barcelona
surface area/ 40 m2

project/ 2008
construction start/ 2008
construction completion/ 2008

architect/ vora (pere buil, toni riba)
project team/ eva cotman, alessandro cozzo
contractor/ fórneas-guida, s.l.
carpenter/ mascarell-lópez
client/ activa’t

photographs/ adrià goula sardà

the reform of the reception hall into the can ricart sports center is determined by a set of functional requirements that have been shown over the past two years, and also by the desire to give more importance to the reception desk, now with little visibility.
to give answers to these needs in such a complex space, where the different buildings that form the complex merge, we choose a rounded and simple form: a large, circular desk (4 meters in diameter), with a single section which meets the requirements given and creates a new image, attracting visitors view and solving circulation matters.
particular attention has been given to the choice of colors: for the front and the desk has been chosen a loud and businesslike color, while the interior is all in black, creating a vacuum.
the furniture was built with the utmost simplicity, almost without joints and without wheels, to highlight the abstraction of the object. the finishing is made of a lacquered paint with high resistance components which gives an image of quality and which resists to moisture and abrasion.

reform of the reception hall into the can ricart sports center.