adress/ carrer artesania 63. barcelona
surface area (refurbishment)/ 2.995 m2
surface area (new building)/ 2.310 m2

project/ 2004-2006
construction start (forecast)/ 2009

architects/ vora (pere buil; toni riba).
project team/ rubén heras, sónia bom, arnau boronat, feli lamenca, aina traverso, sónia gaspar, joan vitòria, lluís fabà, graeme mcquaker
structure/ bernuz-fernàndez
services/ grupo jg ingenieros consultores
budget control/ guillem llorens gragera
client/ fitness nou barris s.l. / barcelona city council

images/ blackbox

the extension and redevelopment of the existing nou barris sports complex responds to the requirement to increase the size of the centre, which at the moment is a single building that contains a covered swimming pool, different activity spaces and fitness facilities, by forming a new sports hall. the project is determined by the following criteria:

transformation and growth
the redevelopment of the complex includes, by necessity, the revision of the internal organization and the external relationship with the city block. this revision has been formed by detailed analysis of the functioning of the centre and its construction logic, which has permitted us to establish a fluid relationship between the existing and the proposed building without losing the autonomy and character of each block.
the extension aims to make a minimal intervention in the existing building and to construct a new and volumetrically autonomous building. between both buildings a space is left in the form of a platform that is raised from the street that directs itself towards the views over the city. this space is covered by a light and transparent body that functions as the access and public area. introduced between the 2 volumes, the element also resolves the access and the 2 distinct programs.

introduction and order
after analyzing the urban characteristics of the city block, which is situated between 2 neighborhoods of very different character (canyelles and el verdum, with one more consolidated but not very built-up and the other built-up but lacking order), we have arrived at a compact and unified solution that avoids the existing diversification. this is achieved by aligning the facade to reinforce the character of calle antonio as the link between the 2 neighborhoods and freeing-up maximum space on the canyelles neighborhood side for future interventions. also, we wanted to reinforce the vantage point character above the city, elevating the access level and concentrating the most public activities (vestibule, terrace, bar), between the 2 pavilions.

distribution of the program
the change in orientation of the access and the increase in program resulted in a reorganization based on the following criteria: clarity of distribution from the users’ point of view; opening out to exterior spaces as an extension of the internal activity spaces; visual relationships between activities; climatic control; natural light and project coherence.

construction clarity
the extension of the nou barris sports centre is a complex construction project. involved in the same intervention is the rehabilitation of the existing building, transforming and adapting it to satisfy the new requirements and allowing it to become a new element that is clearly legible as a pavilion. this way priority will be given to the construction solutions adopted. the project is planned in a way that complies with 2 important client requirements: the necessity for the swimming pool to continue operating during the works and the possibility of construction in phases, leaving the new pavilion until the end.

the extension and redevelopment of the existing nou barris sports complex.