area/ 225 m2
budget/ eur 250

project/ march 2011
assembly/ 19-20 april 2011
disassembly/ 4 may 2011

design/ anna & eugeni bach + vora arquitectura (pere buil and toni riba).
assembly and disassembly/ guillen augé, anna bach, eugeni bach, pere buil, albert carcereny, adelina casanovas, maria charneco, oriol cusidó, alfredo lérida, toni riba, xavier ros, sergi ventosa, anna vergés, joan vitòria.
support modules/ cultural department of coac
weave/ teixits guasch

pictures/ adrià goula

“aproximacions” exhibition – young architecture in catalonia – in the col•legi oficial d’arquitectes de catalunya


1. the exhibition comprises 16 din a2 panels and a video that shows interviews with the selected teams.
2. the space that is to be used is the main exhibition hall of the coac in barcelona
3. the elements that are to be used are those that are currently available in the hall (16 exhibition stands made out of wood and a layer of polycarbonate). all elements must be used due to the fact that there is no storage space available.
4. the budget for the assembly work is not to exceed € 300


1. find a way of displaying such a reduced amount of material within such a large area.
2. find a way of using the existing elements and adapt them to the size of the exhibition.
3. find a way of doing all this on such a low budget.

we constructed two boxes which had the appearance of two mysterious closed spaces, which created the impression of being inside a set of russian dolls. to do so we used as elements of structure and closure the existing material available to us in the hall. these boxes allowed us to have a direct control over the space and adapt it to the size of our exhibition, as well as create the atmosphere and lighting we strived for in each space: the space where the panels were to be displayed was covered with a white fabric in order diffuse both the natural and the artificial lighting present in the room. and the space where the video was to be shown was covered with a black fabric which created the darkness that was necessary for watching the video on a tv monitor.

this way we were able to bring down the exhibition space to the space enclosed within the two boxes, thereby generating a free space around it which was an ideal platform for the cycle of conferences and the speeches that were to be staged for the opening and closing ceremonies.
the white box was oriented towards the generated free space, which allowed us to stage the conferences in such a way that we could use the existing staircase as seating for the audience.

the exhibition took place in barcelona between april 21st and may 3rd, 2011 and was organised on a budget of 250 €: the budget covered the price of the white and black fabric. all other elements in the exhibition were already present in the hall.

“aproximacions” exhibition design
COAC barcelona, 21/4 - 3/5 2011