site plan

site plan


address/ passeig pere iii. manresa
surface area/ 196 m2

client/ private

project/ 2017
construction/ 2018-2019

project architect/ vora (pere buil, toni riba)
project team/ zoí casimiro, alex etxeberría, quim olea

building coordination architect/ vora (pere buil)
contractor/ obrallar

photographs/ adrià goula


the refurbishment consisted on the transformation of the circulation spaces, the core of the house. the rest was kept as it was. we placed a succession of 4 wooden vestibules, enclosed by thick walls that contain storage and showcases for objects, linked by low and narrow corridors. systole and diastole. each vestibule is related to a use: the first is linked to service spaces (cellar, storage cabinet); the second, to the kitchen; the third, to the social zone (living room and bathroom); the last one, to the sleeping area.

the house faces a huge, excessive terrace, which has been resized by a platform next to the apartment, framed by a wooden structure as awnings support, to generate a welcoming outdoor space of its own.

we were asked to transform a big flat, built 10 years ago, that was in extremely good condition because it was never inhabited. however, the new inhabitants, a young couple, wanted to reform part of it to change the scale of it, turn it cozier, because it was over scaled for their needs.